Oxylance has been manufacturing burning bars for U.S. and international markets since 1974. From its inception, the company recognized the need for top quality cutting torches designed specifically for the primary metals and demolition industries.

Over the years, the company has developed other exothermic cutting rods and accessories to allow us to serve additional industries such as underwater construction and mining.



Burning Bar Systems

  • Standard Burning Bars
  • Burning Bar Holders
  • Oxygen Control Valves
  • Oxygen Hose
  • Oxygen Regulators
  • Oxygen Leak Detection

Sure Cut Systems

  • Sure Cut Kits
  • Sure Cut Rods
  • Oxygen Leak Detection

Steel Mills System

  • Bare Lance Pipe
  • Calorized Lance Pipe
  • Oxygen Lance Holders
  • Oxygen Control Valves
  • Oxugen Lance Hose
  • Oxygen Hose Reel
  • Manifold Regulators
  • Steel Mill Accessories
  • Oxygen Leak Detection

Underwater Cutting & Welding

  • Underwater Cutting
  • Underwater Welding

Oxygen Vaporizer Systems

  • 2500 Cubic Foot Per Hour
  • 5000 Cubic Foot Per Hour

Safety Accessories

  • Aluminized Kevlar Protective Clothing
  • Cool Shirt System



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