When it comes to cutting, beveling, aligning and reforming pipe for welding, no one has more experience than Mathey Dearman.  Since the 1930’s, we’ve been dedicated to one thing - providing our customers the finest solutions for fitting pipe.   To that end, we share a strong commitment to these core values:

  • Focus on the customer – The single most important and overriding value we have is to please our customer.  To that end, all of our activities, processes, and systems will be directed towards customer satisfaction.
  • Integrity – We will always choose to do what is morally, ethically, and legally right.  We know that our company’s future strongly depends on our possessing an unassailable reputation.
  • Continuous improvement – All of our employees must be leaders who are empowered to find ways to improve everything we do.  Such leadership will not be limited by functional or departmental boundaries.
  • Respect – We recognize and place high value upon the role that each of us plays in fulfilling our common mission.  This demands that we maintain open and honest communication throughout the organization.  We will not allow departments, functions, or job titles to be barriers to effective communication between and among our employees



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